Why Marketing Is Essential to your Start-up’s DNA

Strategic marketing is essential for any business.  More importantly, for start-ups and small businesses, great marketing can be crucial for keeping a business on the up-and-up, gaining new customers, and retaining a solid customer base.  As mentioned in our video below, marketing really should be in a company’s DNA from the very, very start and really as early as possible.

In this brief, 1-minute #insightsbyNiche video, our Founder & Director Lindsey Higgins discusses the positive, direct correlation between marketing & sales. Click below to view:

Launching a business takes capital in a lot of veins: heart, emotion, energy, strategy, creativity. And it’s not just your investment but an investment from those in your inner circle, your family, your friends, those who believe in you. Business mentors, advisors, your network. It takes a village! Your brand is your baby. Your pride & joy. Doesn’t it deserve more than accidental sales? The hopeful alignment of stars? You’ve put so much thought into so many areas of your business. A great product, a great brand deserves great marketing. Building strategic, brand-informed marketing into your business plan & budget is integral to your company’s early success and necessary for harnessing the existing wind-in-the-sails of a launch.

As discussed in the video above, marketing and sales go hand-in-hand.  The more you invest in high quality brand-informed marketing, the more your bottom line is going to increase, generating more profit and gaining a wider reach and better-fitted customer base setting your brand on the path towards limitless growth.

At by Niche, we really do believe that with the help of purposeful and well-researched marketing and execution and implementation of such, every small business or start-up can harness the power of early business buzz and launch momentum to lead to actualization of business goals.

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