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$25 Application Processing Fee
Includes 2 Test Projects
DUE September 15, 2019

@byNiche Career Stretch Program is a volunteer apprenticeship program. It is the answer to what seems to be a burning desire to learn the trade of Social Media, Influencer Relations, & otherwise Digital Marketing… but like, IRL! College professors say “Go get experience, experience is everything!”, traditional marketing agencies say “Why would we hire you, you have no experience.”… Entre by Niche! In Career Stretch you get actual hands-on, on-the-job training while doing real, meaningful work for actual clients (in MN & NYC).

We get at least 2 outreaches a week from people who want to be involved in some way with by Niche, crossing a wide spectrum of interest, availability, and backgrounds. We’ve worked with hundreds of volunteers and interns from the first day of by Niche’s existence (whether for the duration of #NorthernVogue fashion show or for 6 months or a year). This program takes it a step further from one-off event volunteering and periodic involvement. For those who really want to learn the in’s and out’s of the industry and of by Niche in particular. We then hire from Career Stretch because so far it takes several months to get anyone new to a place where they can add immediate value to our clients. Our processes/systems are weirdly specific and detailed and it’s a lot to take in all at once. Career Stretch is like your dug-out period. Your prep, your onboarding. If that is, you choose to continue your path within by Niche. We for one hope things turn out that way!

On each real life client you are assigned to, you will be part of a small team that collaborates to carry out to excellence the full scope of work for the client. Each team consists of a Project Manager, Brand Manager, Support Team Member & a Career Stretch Team Member. We hope that in time you become adept at all of the various skills it takes to become an incremental player at by Niche and within the entire Social Media & Influencer Relations Brand Management Industry.

Please note. This program is not for the faint of heart. It is serious business. We have fun and we have really great clients but we do work hard and we are fast-moving. Can’t promise compliment sandwiches or full sentences. Need you to be able to learn and retain information, to incorporate our processes & protocols as you become more comfortable with them, and to execute with excellence. Always.

Date Range: September 2019 – January 2020

✔ Mostly Remote Work
✔ Mostly Flexible Hours
✔ PT or FT Options Available

+ Ages: ALL- High school students to Retirees
Industries: ANY 
+ Character Traits: Empathy, Passion, Positivity, Hard Work Ethic, Adaptability, Independence, Time-Management, Expedient worker, Persistence
+ Strengths: Likely must possess either an eye for the aesthetic, strong writing skills, or be highly adept at social media/tech/apps

+ Future Paid Job Opportunities: This is what we like to call the 360-degree resume. Prove yourself. We have a lot of respect for people who dive in, surprise us, surprise our clients. People who have good work ethic, great character and a good attitude. People who go above and beyond. Passion! Creativity, innovation. Show yourself invaluable and you will go FAR in life and at by Niche. Add value, unexpectedly until people learn to expect consistent added value.
+++++ Whether Here: We have lots of roles here and are GROWING. Most Team Members who find themselves to be a good fit with by Niche and who we find to be a good fit receive some kind of offer at the end of Career Stretch.
++++++ Or Elsewhere! If you do a solid job for me, by Niche, & our clients, I will highly recommend you and that goes far. LinkedIn referrals, a phone call, a letter of referral, any of it. Much farther than being one resume in a stack of hundreds in an NYC agency.
+ Try your hand at several strands of marketing. Find YOUR Niche.
+ Strengthen your professionalism through various projects and opportunities.
+ Gain exclusive access to exciting projects, events, activities, and campaigns.
+ LEARN. We do things differently here. I’m excited to share our methods, procedures.
+ Be part of something new and exciting. Develop with us as we grow!
+ Community. We hope you make friends with the rest of the band and the team and other like minded people in the area!
+ Connections.
+ Share your ideas, test your passions, consider us a lab for your creativity!
+ College Credits for students: Go to your school & find out how you can do this. Then reach out to​ with specifics if you have a plan or desire to get college credits out of this. Happy to accommodate!

This program is an incredible opportunity! I learned so much in such a short period of time because of the consistent support and feedback of the by Niche family. I was able to develop not only my social marketing skills but also my communication skills since we work with clients in both NY and MN. My favorite part about this program is seeing the results of our work and the positive reactions from clients!” -Sophina
The by Niche Career Stretch program Spring/Summer 2019 program was a great learning experience for me. It was an amazing way to get a hands on look into the world of Digital Marketing. From the beginning you are trusted with real client work and have the opportunity to learn your strengths and hone in those skills. You won’t get this kind of experience anywhere else!” -Avery
I entered by Niche not really knowing what was expected of me, but I was ready to give it my all! The opportunities that have come my way from being a Team Member only make up a small portion of what byNiche means to me. During the duration of Career Stretch Spring/Summer 2019, I have learned different skills and strategies essential for social & digital marketing. The different roles you take on as a team member helps you figure out your strong suits, which you can further develop and master as the time goes by. You are trusted to do professional work for actual brands and clients, which is the best way to form a strong team!” -Bridget
I love what I do and am encouraged daily to enhance and grow my own marketing skills. As a team member I am constantly receiving feedback of all sorts that allows me to expand each client’s potential. My favorite part of my work at by Niche is seeing the impact our work has on the client.” -Katrina

Initial & Ongoing Core Tasks
+ Content Management
+ Grid Prep
+ Graphic Design/Videos/Animation/Tech
+ Executive Assistance
+ Instagram Feed
+ Influencer Relations
+ Instagram/Facebook Stories
+ Facebook
+ Digital Engagement
+ Photoshoot support
Advanced Tasks:
+ Branding
+ Captioning
+ Admin/Communications
+  In-person/on-phone client relations
+ Boosted Posts
+ Impact Summary
+ Northern Vogue Gala & Fashion Show Leadership
Special Interest Tasks:
+ Local Community Embetterment.
+ PR & Business Development
+ Write blogposts for by Niche website
+ Email marketing for by Niche & our clients
+ Diversity Enhancement
+ Event & Social Mixer Production
+ Professional Development and Internal Team Morale-building
+ Networking
+ Brand guides:

by Niche (@byNiche) is a boutique Social Media Marketing & Influencer Relations Agency based out of NYC & MN. Founder Lindsey Higgins is a former Mental Health Therapist (LICSW) who tapped into her entrepreneurial/business roots that run deep & wide in her genealogy and family background. She started a fashion blog in 2011 (before it was cool and common to do so) and around that time Instagram popped up. Through trial error and a lot of distracted time investment during her grad program, she learned a thing or two about how it all works and amassed a small following. Friends and family who owned business and started to see some value in Instagram set up coffee dates to learn more about how to use the program to grow their brands. Upon leaving coffee dates, Lindsey started getting calls to provide Instagram support as a service to friends and family. These inquiries stacked up enough to the point where it was no longer reasonable to ignore. Personal life & relationship circumstances changed requiring a sabbatical from her role as a therapist. During this time, Lindsey encountered a deep-seated love for business and helping brands grow, the brands of good-hearted, hard-working people with integrity and an awesome idea. In January of 2017, by Niche was officially born. In September of 2017, the brand expanded to NYC. by Niche now serves 21 clients with a team of 2 Project Managers, 1 Finance & Operations Director, 1 Creative Consultant, 4 Brand Managers, & 2 Brand Support Team Members. We specialize in luxury brands, specifically Restaurant Groups & Restaurants in Manhattan. We are the exclusive social media & influencer relations company of Gerber Group in Manhattan. We have forayed into Sports social media serving NFL clients. We also represent fashion, lifestyle, & beauty brands. 

by Niche was aptly named. We believe that the strongest start to marketing is with the brand owner and their original passion/purpose for the brand. We see the brand’s most fervent cheerleaders right out of the gate as their lowest-hanging fruit. We seek to mobilize that base and ripple growth outwards from there. Everything comes back to the core lifeblood of the brand, what gives it heart and humanity, what makes it different from the rest. We are right-brain & left-brain. We empathize & innovate creatively within strategy and structure developed from sophisticated protocols and processes that provide real results. 

Manhattan Restaurants/Bars:
@conniebartwa – Bar within a refurbished 1960’s Airplane at TWA Hotel at JFK Airport in NYC
@gerbergroup – Owner/Operator of 15 Restaurants/Bars in NYC, DC & Internationally
@guphsupnyc – Modern Indian Restaurant in Gramercy NYC
@irvingtonnyc – Farm-to-Table Restaurant in W Hotel Union Square NYC
@kingside_ny – Restaurant in Le Meridien Hotel, formerly the Viceroy
@lamiasfishmarket – Mediterannean Seafood Restaurant in East Village
@lesoukatnight – Urban Moroccan Hookah Lounge & Discotec, Greenwich NYC
@lesoukrestaurant – Avant Garde Moroccan Restaurant & Hookah Lounge in Greenwich NYC
@mrpurplenyc – THE Mr. Purple. NYC’s hottest rooftop bar with a pool
@tacoelectrico – Taqueria & bar in W Hotel Union Square in NYC
@thecampbellnyc – Iconic bar destination in historic Grand Central Terminal in NYC
@theroofny – Rooftop bar with enchanting Central Park view in NYC
@thesunkenlounge – Premier bar at landmark TWA Hotel at JFK Airport in NYC
@thepoolbartwa – Rooftop bar, lounge & observation deck atop landmark TWA Hotel at JFK NYC
Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
@miawagnersalon – Luxury NYC Hair salon on 55th & 5th
@mydenova – Luxury robe line, handmade in Minnesota
@ribnickouterwear – Luxury Fur Boutique in Minnesota
@tje_fashion – Fashions with prints derived from original art by Jimmy Reagan in MN.
Sports, Business & Misc
@apexheartavc – Heart, Vascular & Vein Restoration Medical Center, NJ
@teamifa – Full-service agency representing NFL athletes, based in MN
@wisemillennial – Community of Millennials seeking to live an empowered life in NYC

+ Social Media Management -Primarily Instagram & Facebook
+++ Content Creation – Photo, Video, Animation, Graphics
+++ Profile Enhancement
+++ Feed
+++ Stories
+++ Fielding Messages & Comments
+++ Community Engagement & Growth
+++ Boosted Post/Ad Spend Management
+++ Press/Feature Optimization
+ Influencer Relations & Campaigns
+ Event Optimization
+ Social Media + Brick & Mortar Consultation
+ Brand Partnerships & Strategic Collaborations

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