In 1919, with a penchant for the written word and a staunch refusal to settle for the norm, our founder’s great grandfather, Albert Thomas Rumbach, set out to join the burgeoning journalism industry and helped re-launch The Herald in quaint Jasper, Indiana. Since then, the daily newspaper has been growing, evolving and has become a cornerstone of a community, celebrating stories of the human experience alongside national news coverage. A heartful publication, the Herald continues to embody the values of excellence, consistency, and integrity that it was rooted in.

No brand is an island. There’s always a story. The elements of humanity, heart, and passion that give a business rosy cheeks. Precipitating a story, there’s a history. Even before the brand took any form at all, an innovator and a pioneer saw a need, a niche. Which turned into an idea. Which turned into a business plan. Which turned into launch day.

This weekend, we remembered another realm that surrounds every brand, Ancestry.

The crown jewel of The Herald is its storytelling through photography. Since its inception, The Herald has won 6 National Photography Editor of the Year awards. This article on Wired speaks a bit more to the rareness of this specialization of the Herald, especially from such a small town. The way they’ve captured the hearts & spirit of a community through individual highs & lows, moments little and big is really spectacular.


We think that’s pretty cool. Just as it is. But also because 100+ years and 4 generations of entrepreneurial ventures later, we love telling stories too. Through the written word. Through photos. Through experiences. We are passionate about helping you tell your brand story, remembering your history, and as an unfolding of the richness of your ancestral heritage.

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